URGENT ACTION - SC Calls Needed--Bad Bill Threatens Homeschooling
by CHEFS Admin - Friday, 8 February 2013, 12:35 PM
Date: 2/7/2013 11:47:45 AM
From: Dee Black--HSLDA
Subject: South Carolina: Calls Needed--Bad Bill Threatens Homeschooling
From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

South Carolina: Calls Needed--Bad Bill Threatens Homeschooling

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

Your calls and emails are needed to stop a bill that threatens your
homeschool freedoms, even your ability to choose which homeschool
option to use in South Carolina.

House Bill 3478 would impose state testing on all homeschool students
in both the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools
(SCAIHS) and all homeschool associations. Additionally, results of the
annual review of these organizations by the South Carolina Department
of Education would have to be reported to the legislature
. Further,
these organizations would be required to provide the name of each
student being homeschooled to their respective school districts,

instead of providing just the number of students being homeschooled as
is now required.

But this is not the worst part of this terrible bill. It would
ELIMINATE membership in a homeschool association under Section
59-65-47 of the South Carolina Code as an option for homeschooling on
July 1, 2014. No longer would South Carolina homeschoolers be able to
exercise what is known as the "third option" for complying with the
compulsory attendance law.

House Bill 3478 is sponsored by Representatives Norman D. "Doug"
Brannon (Dist. 38), Michael A. "Mike" Anthony (Dist. 42), Jenny
Anderson Horne (Dist. 94), and Joseph H. Jefferson (Dist. 102). It is
currently in the House Education and Public Works Committee. This bill
needs to be stopped in its tracks before it gains any momentum.

Members of the House Education and Public Works Committee need to hear
from you today!

Action Requested:

1. Please call and/or email as many members of the House Education and
Public Works Committee as possible with this message or a similar
message in your own words:

"Please vote against House Bill 3478, which would unfairly require
homeschool students to take the same state tests as public school
students. Homeschool students are not instructed using the same
curriculum as public school students, yet they would be tested on
material they may not have been taught. Even worse, this bill would
eliminate membership in a homeschool association as an option for
complying with the compulsory attendance law. There is no
justification for taking this option away from thousands of
law-abiding homeschool families and destroying the livelihood of those
who administer these associations."

The members of the House Education and Public Works Committee are as

Phillip D. "Phil" Owens, Chairman (R-5)
(803) 734-3053

Bill Taylor, 1st Vice Chairman (R-86)
(803) 212-6923

Robert L. Brown, 2nd Vice Chairman (D-116)
(803) 734-3170

Lester P. Branham, Jr. (D-61)
(803) 734-3002

Norman D. "Doug" Brannon (R-38)
(803) 212-6876

Joseph S. Daning (R-92)
(803) 734-2951

Raye Felder (R-26)
(803) 212-6892

Jerry N. Govan, Jr. (D-95)
(803) 734-3012

John Richard C. King (D-49)
(803) 212-6873

Harold Mitchell, Jr. (D-31)
(803) 734-6638

Ralph W. Norman (R-48)
(803) 212-6888

Andrew S. "Andy" Patrick (R-123)
(803) 212-6928

Joshua A. Putnam (R-10)
(803) 212-6931

Samuel Rivers, Jr. (R-15)
(803) 212-6890

Tommy M. Stringer (R-18)
(803) 212-6881

Don L. Wells (R-81)
(803) 212-6884

Mark N. Willis (R-16)
(803) 212-6882

Donna H. Wood (R-37)
(803) 212-6878

2. Please forward this email to every family you know who is not a
member of HSLDA and urge them to contact members of the Committee.

View the text of this bill > >

Please call or email today!


Dewitt T. Black, III
HSLDA Senior Counsel

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