HSLDA - School Districts Requiring Registration
by CHEFS Admin - Tuesday, 5 October 2010, 7:39 PM

School Districts Requiring Registration

As the 2010–11 school year got underway, several Home School Legal Defense Association member families contacted us for guidance when their local school district insisted that they complete registration forms indicating their children’s enrollment as public school students. *In each case, the parents had already filed the required notarized affidavit with the local public school superintendent, providing all of the information required by state law for commencing a home education program. HSLDA Senior Counsel Dewitt Black assisted all of the families by writing to the school officials and explaining to them that students in a home education program are not public school students and, therefore, are not required to register as such with the local school district.


The amount of money each school district receives from the state for operations is determined in large part by the number of students enrolled. This is the incentive for public school officials to attempt to require students in a home education program to register with the school district. But given the very limited contact between the school district and the homeschooling family during the course of a typical school year, any revenue received from the state for students in a home education program would amount to a financial windfall for the school district.


Families being requested by public school officials to register their children with the local school district should contact HSLDA for assistance. In every instance when we have intervened on behalf of one of our member families, we have been able to keep them from having to complete unnecessary paperwork and hopefully prevent the school district from receiving taxpayer funds to which it is not entitled.

*Various other states, including the Carolinas, have experienced similar compliance tactics as the homeschoolers from Pennsylvania mentioned here.