NC Dual Enrollment and Learn and Earn Online
by CHEFS Admin - Tuesday, 11 August 2009, 4:51 PM
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Dual Enrollment and Learn and Earn Online

Last week, the NC General Assembly passed a new state budget which
calls for cuts in the dual enrollment funding for Community Colleges.
Starting with the fall semester, Community Colleges will be providing,
on a space available basis, dual enrollment at a no tuition basis only
for Math, Science and Technology courses. Other courses may be
provided, on a cost charge basis, at the option of the local Community

In addition, the Community Colleges that participate in the Learn and
Earn Online program will also offer, on a space available basis,
college courses to homeschool high school students without charging
tuition. Homeschool high school students will be responsible for
their books and other class expenses. One special provision is that a
homeschool student does not have to reside in the area served by a
Community College. In other words, students can enroll in online
courses that have space available regardless of the location of the
Community College.

NCHE continues to monitor the Legislature for any new legislation that
might impact your freedom to homeschool. Originally, a complete
elimination of these programs was proposed. But due to NCHE’s efforts
in the legislature along with the Community Colleges and grassroots
contacts made by NCHE members concerning these changes, much of these
two programs has been restored.
Gifted and Talented Students

Unrelated to the budget development but during this legislative
session, the enrollment of gifted and talented students under 16 in
Community College courses has also been reinstated. See your local
Community College for more information about its plans to offer this
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