CHEFS Asked by Senator for Input on Equal Assess Bill
by CHEFS Admin - Thursday, 26 February 2009, 3:13 PM
Equal Access Questionnaire
The office of NC State Senator Doug Berger has invited CHEFS to contribute our views as part of an upcoming inquiry for NC-Senate Bill 259, an Equal Access bill. The inquiry weighs the pros and cons of allowing non-public school students (primarily homeschoolers) access to public school extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, facilities, classes, etc.

There are two distinct views in the homeschooling community. The first view believes homeschoolers, as well as private school students, should have access to all public school offerings and facilities the same as public school students. They are willing to submit to additional requirements outlined by the state or school districts for this access, believing the benefits outweigh the cost. The other view does not want any part of public education or public offerings, believing the exchange of parental rights and privacy for such access is far too great and is an encroachment of government. They prefer to pursue other forms of compensation for taxes paid such as a "universal tax credit" or of the moving of public school sports to the community arena.

Presently, 27 states have passed Equal Access legislation. The majority of which already had stringent homeschool laws and requirements in place. Those states with less stringent homeschool requirements have seen an increase in regulation by the adopting states. NC and SC, both, have proposed legislation in the works, with SC being further along in the process.

As homeschooling parents we have been thrust into the political arena simply by our choice to homeschool, whether we like it or not. By virtue of our participation in homeschooling, we are obligated to its preservation and the protection of the parental rights which make it possible. It is our civic and moral responsibility to be involved with the legislative process on issues which concern the homeschooling community.

Assuming such political or social issues do not involve or concern us as individuals or erroneously presuming we personally have nothing to contribute or have any stake in the outcome of such issues as Equal Access, has led and can lead to the erosion or the outright loss of our homeschooling and parental rights. Apathy and a non-committed attitude on the part of some, places the full burden of protecting our rights on the backs of a few who are forced to stand alone against government encroachment and bureacracy.

Below is a list of related articles which explain the pros and cons of the Equal Access issue. Most are lengthy, but well worth reading. Please commit the time to read these articles, research the issue personally and make an informed decision on this issue.

In addition to the articles, CHEFS has set up an Equal Access Questionnaire to solicit public opinion on this issue from other homeschoolers. You must be logged in as a Guest to answer it if you are not a member. Views received before March 5th, will be included in a report to Senator Berger.


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Picture of Anne & Scott Fyans
Just a Thought
by Anne & Scott Fyans - Saturday, 28 February 2009, 1:22 AM

Home educated children participating in music, sports, etc. the extra-curricular activities that make life more enjoyable right beside their public educated conterparts.  "Great"  was my initial reaction (naive as it was) probably was the same as many of you.  BUT, after reading more information on the topic, I realize the old adage..."nothing comes for free" is once again applicable. 

I urge each parent to carefully consider the pros and cons of Equal Access  then take a few short minutes and reply to the survey.  It is an honor that CHEFS has been recognized by our state representative's to contribute our thoughts and desires to future legislation.