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Why Do Each of Us Homeschool?
by Anne & Scott Fyans - Monday, 1 December 2008, 3:01 PM

Last week during a conversation with another homeschooling mom the topic of why we homeschool came up.  Later I gave it some consideration.  Why am I homeschooling?  Are my reasons the same now as when I first began?   Do I give the same answer to non-homeschooling parents as I do for those who also choose to homeschool?

While trying to come up with answers for my questions I wondered if anyone would like to share their thoughts on 'why' with the rest of our group.  Since I do tend to get tongue -tied, I like to consider responses before the questions are asked, thus when a non-homeschooling parent asks, "Why?"  I have planted a good seed as an avocate for homeschooling.  Just to let you know, the original discussion (my thoughts) will show on our public site, however, any replies can only be read in our 'Members Only' site.

If this type of forum works we could have a monthly or bi-weekly discussion online, with everyone pitching in with ideas for topics.